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Blue Square- A New Concept Showroom That Embodies Yamaha's Racing DNA

The BLUE representing Yamaha's global identity of Racing Blue laces itself around the external, visual and sensual elements of the place as customers assemble with any requirement of buying, communicating and exchanging thoughts on two-wheeler riding.

Destination for All Two-Wheeler Riders

A place where all caveats of street racing are relaxed, and you embrace the comfort of an upbeat excitement buzzing from all corners...

Blue Square is the destination for all two-wheeler riders who are never short of passion to ride!

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Blue Square Concept

"Blue Square" is coined to fit into the legacy of Yamaha's role in global motorsports. "Blue" characterizes the brand's racing DNA and "Square" defines a one-stop buying junction. This uniqueness further revs up Yamaha's BLUE colour by transforming customer experience at our showrooms through vivid aesthetics and inspiring propriety created out of Yamaha two-wheeler line up and engaging offerings.

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Exceptional Customer Service

In a unique drive to bring customers closer to the brand, BLUE SQUARE will customize digital technology to improve platform of interaction and support for Yamaha customers. The customer can experience a faster and more personalized one-to-one service. The new ‘Blue Square' supports customers to scan the vehicle QR Codes directly, which will immediately prompt the download of product brochures.

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One-Stop Solution

Blue Streaks is an initiative designed to bring together the biker in every Yamaha fan, united by a love of riding and appreciation of unique Yamaha quality. It serves as a communication spot for customers to access information along with exploring Accessories and Apparel, thus fulfilling every requirement of Motorcycling life. Accessories, Apparel and Genuine spare parts are designed to exude the brand's sporty, exciting and stylish personality.

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Motorcycles Corner

Experience the thrill of the open road with Yamaha motorcycles. Combining cutting-edge technology and iconic design, Yamaha offers a ride like no other. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, Yamaha's commitment to performance and innovation ensures an exhilarating journey on every ride.

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Scooters Corner

Elevate your urban commuting with Yamaha scooters – a perfect fusion of style, efficiency, and convenience. Designed for modern lifestyles, Yamaha scooters deliver a smooth and agile ride, offering practicality without compromising on performance. Embark on a stylish and efficient journey with Yamaha scooters, redefining your daily commuting experience.