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Yamaha Ray ZR

The design realizes the "Real Boy's Scooter" concept by balancing the deeply-sculpted and powerful front mask and effortlessly-layered straight lines surrounding the tail. The Cygnus Ray-ZR is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve 113cc "BLUE CORE" engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) unit. It features a lightweight body (103 kg) with aggressive design and offers convenience.

Aggressive Block Design & User-friendliness

Ray-ZR was developed around the concept of a "Next-Generation Real Boy's Scooter". The new model actively adopts the latest trends among young people. It takes on a new exterior design characterized by a sense of dynamism and layered forms that gives a fresh look like no other scooter before and expresses the strength of a well-trained physique. Ray ZR comes with new gen colors to fulfill the needs of trend-conscious young riders.

Powerful 113cc Blue Core Engine

The Ray ZR is Powered with an air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve 113cc "BLUE CORE" engine with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) unit, which provides both smooth initial acceleration and pickup. It also features technologies that reduce horsepower loss like a roller rocker arm, and achieves excellent fuel efficiency and running performance. It is tuned with settings that provide easy-to-use power, especially in the extremely low speed ranges.

Deeply Sculpted Front Mask

The front mask (face) uses straight, strong lines that are complemented by the expression of the newly designed headlight to create a distinctive and deeply sculpted appearance.


The RayZR sharp flaps with the blown up ZR used as graphics give it the X factor you can't miss.

Biker's Swag

Designed to harmonize with the machine's exterior styling, the front fender adds to the sporty look while providing excellent protection against mud splashes.

Front Disc Brake and Alloy Wheels

Combined with the newly designed lightweight cast aluminum alloy wheels, the 170 mm diameter disc front brake features excellent operational feel and contributes to light and agile performance.

Grab Bar with "Rising Air Tail" Design

The grab-bar, with its "rear wing" (spoiler) appearance, is meant to further intensify the image of straight lines dominating the design, while its balance in relation to the bodylines also accentuates the image of power. The undulating look of this rear assembly also creates a sense of speed.

Edgy Tail Light

This new & aggressive tail light with the rising tail is hard to miss out and gives the world a style to follow. The bright 12V,21/5W tail light makes your presence felt even in pitch dark.

Large Front Pockets

The front pocket is large enough to fit one 500 ml plastic water bottle. A convenience hook (maximum load capacity of 1.5 kg) for hanging bags, etc., is positioned below the seat in the footwell.

Large Underseat Storage

Its 21-liter capacity is more than sufficient to hold a full-face helmet or whatever you need to party.

Key Shutter Locking System

With its special key shutter lock, a duplicate key just won't work. So park your Ray-ZR without worrying about theft even at late night.

Cool Instrument Cluster

This edgy analog needle-type speedometer has light guides positioned to illuminate the main dial and give it an especially 3-dimensional appearance, especially in the dark.

Two-level (raised rear) Seat for Great comfort

A two-level seat (raised rear section) with a sporty look is adopted. The tandem seat portion is given slightly softer cushioning and has about 10 mm more cushioning thickness. The sitting spot is designed to evenly distribute the pressure from the tandem rider’s weight to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, even during longer rides. Also, an aluminum grab-bar is adopted for maximum holding comfort.