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Yamaha Saluto 125

The new 125cc Saluto is based on the concept of "Economical & practical Indian family motorcycle". The new model achieves the best fuel economy in the 125cc class and has been developed as a family-use motorcycle with practical performance at an affordable price. Based on the Blue Core Engine Development idea, it is powered by a new engine with a more compact combustion chamber than the previous 125cc variant. Thanks to its thoroughly lightweight design, the new model has the lightest weight in its class at 112kg, which in turn improves fuel economy by approximately 10% as compared to the company’s previous models in its class.

The Family Commuter

In response to the market needs, the new Saluto was developed around the concept of an "Economical & Practical Indian Family Motorcycle. It's utility as seen by the company lies in the shared usage in the family for commuting, tandem riding, shopping trips and running errands.

The Blue Savings Account

125cc Blue Core Engine

Get your hands on the amazing Blue Core Technology with YAMAHA Saluto's air-cooled SOHC single cylinder engine, that gives superb pick up with vibration-free running and above all, an incredible mileage that says ‘never stop’.

Rear Suspension

Equipped with rear swingarm suspension, YAMAHA Saluto provides comfort rides even on uneven roads. The rear suspension is pre-load adjustable to allow for greater usability for carrying loads.

Tubeless Tyres

Enjoy maximal responsiveness and control, while avoiding pinch-flats even in the most difficult terrains. Now nothing will hold you back, thanks to these low rolling resistance tyres and your every ride will be a ride of freedom.

Turn-Signals with Clear-Lens

These cool blinkers make heads turn every time you take a turn. They not only add to the style quotient but also act as a safety beacon because of clear lens.

Front Cowl with Wind Screen

The aerodynamic front cowl with windscreen enhances the sportiness quotient and offers a resistance-free ride. The angular lines and the contrasting black colour lend it a muscular face.

Large Horn

The large and powerful horn makes sure everyone knows you are coming so that they can stay out of your way.

Electric Start

We have received a lot of thumbs-up for this one-touch electric start! The kick can be used just for back-up. So start it up according to the situation you find yourself in.

Lowest in Class Weight

The Saluto’s kerb weight of 112 kg makes it a highly responsive, easy to handle performer under all conditions. The lightweight makes it easier to park, push-walk it, maneuver it while on sloped roads, put it in storage, etc.

High Ground Clearance

A generous ground clearance of 180mm ensures the Saluto sails over the roughest roads with great ease. It’s designed to make it an effective urban commuter that can withstand all the terrain related challenges thrown at it.

Comfortable with Convenient Grab Bar

Now you can look forward to daily rides with absolute comfort. Saluto’s perfect seat width offers better hip position and easy leg reach to the tandem rider while its easy-to-hold grab-bar offers extra safety.

Stylish Fuel Tank

The all-new muscular design make this fuel tank one of Saluto’s best features. Cool linear dual tone graphics make the tank look even more stylish. The Numeric element accentuates the power it packs within.

Saluto 125 Specifications